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Based on the guidelines of the American College of Emergency Medicine, Hospital Punta Pacifica is known for its service unit ready to receive patients 24 hours a day, coinciding various specialties such as pediatrics, cardiology, surgery, gastroenterology, otolaryngology and who urge to solve health problems with immediate and effective response.

It has exclusive elevator to ascend to the patient if they need major surgery, intensive care, semi-intensive and hospitalization. Imaging Service for special studies such as MRI, Computed Tomography, Ultrasound.

Hemodynamics Laboratory also always ready for cardiology procedures and a clinical laboratory open 24 hours. The modern emergency room, is staffed by emergency room medical specialists, and a staff of general practitioners, nurses and assistants, trained for such cases.
Nursing station with 360-degree visibility and presence of clinical gas towers in all areas of care, in addition to self-registration facilities and absolute respect for patient confidentiality, among other features, allow this room is distinguished as the most modern and comprehensive across the country.


The laboratory of the Hospital Punta Pacifica offers confidential human attention and the widest range of market analysis and procedures.

Use our clinical laboratory services and receive immediate results thanks to modern equipment and highly trained personnel. We offer a service without interruption, 7 days a week 24 hours. We specialized and complex studies only in Panama, and also have the ease of obtaining greater security through a second opinion at Johns Hopkins Medicine International.


All parents always seek the best for their children and you as their trusted doctor, you can now also offer its focus, the safest environment possible. Our nursery in addition to the most advanced equipment, has the human warmth of our staff specializes in neonatal and infant care, in compliance with the highest standards of care required by our Affiliate Johns Hopkins Medicine International and the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations.

Experience Makes The Difference. As part of the neonatology team, we have 4 intensive care incubators, 4 incubators open to intermediate care, enabling a much more rapid and effective, portable phototherapy lamps and art fans, 20 cots for healthy infants, birth registration in private rooms and suites, strengthening the mother-baby


At Hospital Punta Pacifica for you know that nothing is more important than health and safety of their patients. That's why all our rooms will have the most advanced technical equipment market. Our team consists of specialized nurses and aware of the needs of the patient.

For this reason we provide a relaxing atmosphere and safe work 3 large rooms, which have adjoining waiting rooms for family members. In addition, 2 modern rooms equipped with specialized equipment expulsive next generation, ensuring greater confidence. For physicians, we offer 2 large break rooms, where the doctor can relax while waiting to develop the process of work of the mother.


Our facilities are at your disposal for every type of operation or surgical procedure. We have four large operating rooms with capacity for intelligent immediately any action that your patient requires. These modern endo-suites are equipped with temperature controls and lighting independent positive air pressure and high efficiency filters laminar flow diffusers.

They have specialized equipment such as stretchers Steris, arms Drager, Carl Zeiss microscope with monitor and advanced equipment Drager anesthesia. The architecture of these was created thinking about maximum safety for the patient, as consisting of walls with rounded corners and special epoxy floor, monolithic anti-bacterial, supplemented by a planned distribution of sterile areas, gray and black, thus minimizing the risk of postoperative infections and bacteria. It also has the ability to perform real-time video conferencing, having the opportunity to carry out operations guided by one of the more than 20,000 specialists ohns J Hopkins Medicine International virtual or obtain second opinions in cases required.


The facilities of the Hospital Punta Pacifica, ensure that the patient feels the comfort that only home can offer. Adding the presence and the warmth of loved ones, with unparalleled attention from our nursing and administrative staff, plus the outstanding tech medical equipment, we provide constant monitoring and effective patient health.

Our 64 rooms (52 private and 12 suites) are decorated with modern furniture designed especially for hospitals, beds and high-tech equipment from the best brands in the market, anti-allergic fabric, LCD TV, small refrigerator, system call Nurses with intercom, special lighting with 4 levels and finally, all facilities combined with a beautiful panoramic view, very relaxing.

The drug delivery system in uni-dose and maximum fluid preserve patient safety. And the additional facilities for patients and visitors, including children's play room, the spacious waiting rooms for visitors, the 2 nursing stations per floor, exclusive elevators for patients, among others, allow faster recovery and effective, with less recurrence and the patient.

Likewise, our intensive care wards and semi-intensive, are completely separate. They provide all the conditions to provide the best care to these patients that require special care. In addition to providing them and their families a relaxing environment that nurtures their faster recovery.


At Hospital Punta Pacifica you find a Department of Radiology and Imaging Digital art, supported by a technical team to ensure quicker and more accurate diagnoses.

We have individual teams throughout the Region of Latin America, such as flat panel 3D angiograph diagnostic cardiology and endovascular, 1.5 tesla MRI highly sophisticated 64-slice VCT fluoroscopy with special functions, cerebral and coronary perfusion. We also have the latest generation of equipment Bone Densitometry, Fluoroscopy and Mammography, Ultrasound also 4-dimensional imaging.

The digital infrastructure that characterizes the Hospital Punta Pacifica delivers results with images in 3 and 4 dimensions of higher resolution, much faster and ensuring maximum accuracy and precision. Likewise, you as the provider can receive, analyze and to make reconstructions of the studies of his patients, on his computer immediately, through a sophisticated digital archive called RIS / PACS.

There is nothing more important to us that their health and safety and that of his family. Gynecologists and Obstetricians globally recognized awaits you as you expect to be served. We have advanced ultrasound equipment, ultrasound 3d, special assistants and a team more aware of their primary needs.

3 spacious rooms with room for family work and temperature control (semi-suites). Expulsive 2 modern operating rooms with specialized equipment (Stryker stretchers high comfort and technology). Relaxing atmosphere for mothers and their families. Relax and Security.


Here you can provide care to patients who are in a state of greater severity and instability, with breathing problems, brain, heart, or with active bleeding. This room has highly sophisticated monitors, heart rescuer and equipment necessary for effective medical and surgical procedures.


Currently there are diseases such as foot-and chickenpox, which can be spread easily if not taken proper precautions. In the Emergency Department and in the intensive care room, there is the isolation ward to care for patients with contagious disease, decreasing the risk of infection. This room has independent air system and negative pressure, not allowing air to escape and passage in the main room where other patients