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Personalized Care

We will give you personalized care, including a 45 minute first consultion with Dr. Setton. Dr. Setton's philosophy focuses on techniques to enhance your natural appearance. Plastic surgery should not be obvious or appear overdone. It should look as natural as possible.

Improvement through plastic surgery happens through establishing harmony, not by changing your fundamental appearance. Enhancing people’s lives and witnessing positive changes in self confidence are key reasons Dr. Setton chose plastic surgery as his profession, and are the reasons that he loves performing plastic surgery every day.

You will be part of a thorough educational process and in-depth discussion about your personal goals, the available techniques, and the entire operative experience, including anesthesia, pain medications and aftercare. Every effort will be made to ensure that you are comfortable with every step of the plastic surgery experience and that you are aware of the supporting resources that our office provides.

Exceeding Your Expectations

At Clinica Setton, we are committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations of medical care. Dr. Setton is a leader in his field, our facilities are world-class and we offer affordable medical solutions comparable to the care you would receive in the US, Canada or Europe.
At Clinica Setton, located at Hospital Punta Pacifica and affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medicine International, we are here to help you achieve your medical goals so you enjoy not only your time here, but the rest of your life.

We are determined to exceed your medical expectations while providing the finest care available in the world. We believe that our medical care, coupled with your travel experience, will make your health tourism experience something to remember.Plastic surgery gives us the ability to help people in a wide variety of ways. I believe in the need to have close relationships between the physician and patient to maximize the ability to provide excellent care.